SEC Power Poll Ballot, Week 5

I have not yet switched over to a strict resume system; I probably won’t until the teams have played at least three quarters of their games. So much can change from week to week on the won/loss front that sometimes you get bizarre results you simply have to look past. The important thing this early in the season is not to overreact to one game.

1. Alabama

So far, no one has done more and looked better doing it than Alabama.

2. LSU

Steady she goes. The injuries in that win over Mississippi State are far more troubling than anything related to the score.

3. Georgia

I am officially worried about this team. The bad loss to ‘Bama (41-17 with 3:01 to go) wasn’t due to mental lapses but fundamental deficiencies that can’t be corrected merely by practicing more.

4. Florida

Three things went wrong: coming out flat, turnovers, and calling slow-developing pass plays from an empty set against the blitz. All three can be fixed by the time LSU comes to town.

5. Auburn

They’ve looked about as bad as possible, but they’ve lost only to LSU so far. The defense is for real still, and as long as that holds true, they’re in the top half of the conference.

6. Vanderbilt

The best of the second tier of the conference so far.

7. Ole Miss

They pulled off the big win in Gainesville with a lot of help from their hosts. Given more breaks, they easily could have pulled out the Vandy and Wake games too.

8. Kentucky

Still haven’t played anyone, but the 41-3 win over Western Kentucky got my attention.

9. South Carolina

They’re about out of “the game was not as close as the score indicates” passes by now.

10. Tennessee

This team might be the doormat of the SEC East and now the quarterback job is up for grabs. How could they fall this far in just one year?

11. Mississippi State

They gave LSU a lot more trouble than I thought they would.

12. Arkansas

Functionally a Sun Belt Conference team this year.


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