More Harvin a Comin’

Percy Harvin will have more of an expanded role on Saturday. How is that possible, you ask, when he had a gazillion yards and touches last week?

Well, it’s because he will be the primary running back against Arkansas. Emmanuel Moody is out, Chris Rainey and Jeff Demps haven’t gotten any bigger or taller, Kestahn Moore doesn’t have the trust of the coaches, and Mon Williams is still experimenting at linebacker. Add it all up, and you get Harvin as the No. 1 back.

He’s up to it, for sure. He’s listed as a “RB/WR” on the Gators’ roster (and not the other way around), and he says he bulked up in the offseason to handle the pounding a running back takes. Plus, “I was a natural-born running back, so I kind of like running back. Anytime I got the ball, I’m happy.”

We shouldn’t need to see more than three quarters of him carrying the load on Saturday. However with Harvin focusing on being a running back, it should give the other receivers the chance to have a breakout game. Operative word: “should.”


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