SEC Power Poll Ballot, Week 6

October 7, 2008

1. Alabama

We see a pattern developing here of huge letdown games after huge wins. That’s not surprising given the youth, but when is the next big letdown going to be?

2. LSU

Take a step back, and you see blowout wins over a I-AA team and North Texas, a close win over Auburn, and an unimpressive win over Miss State. This team still needs to prove itself.

3. Vanderbilt

I still don’t think this team is one of the best two in the SEC East, but for now I can’t keep them from being ahead of Florida and Georgia.

4. Georgia

I can’t penalize them for remaining idle, but they could’ve used a big win on SEC East Redemption Saturday to cleanse some bad feelings from the Alabama game.

5. Florida

It was subtle, but an identity on offense finally began to form against last weekend. Will the return of LB Ryan Stamper, who was out against Arkansas, be enough to help slow down Charles Scott?

6. Auburn

I can’t find fault with the defense, but if the offense can only manage to be competent for a quarter per game, I don’t know how many more contests against the big boys they’ll win.

7. Kentucky

How much was last Saturday a case of Kentucky being that good and how much was it Alabama letting its guard down after a big win? It’s not a fair question for the ‘Cats, but it must be asked.

8. South Carolina

This team is back in my good graces after Chris Smelley did well enough to earn SEC Offensive Player of the Week. Given recent history, that probably means he’ll now stink up the joint against UK.

9. Ole Miss

This team is setting itself up to be on Phil Steele’s potential risers list of 2009 with all of its close losses.

10. Tennessee

At least they beat Northern Illinois instead of finding a way to lose by 10 like Mississippi State did against LA Tech.

11. Mississippi State

Croom’d Warning: High. This weekend’s game against Vanderbilt is exactly the kind Sly and the Family Bulldogs have won in recent years that bring someone’s season crashing back down to earth.

12. Arkansas

If this team could ever find the end zone, it could actually make some noise. Right now, they couldn’t get there with a map, compass, and Indiana Jones leading the way.


Les Miles Not Sleeping on Florida

October 7, 2008

Over at TSK, a piece on how Les Miles is not sleeping on the Gators despite the fact that some Gator message board creatures think the sky is falling, that Dan Mullen should be fired, and that the luster is gone from Urban Meyer. Here’s a hint: Miles doesn’t care.

Combine him and Meyer, and you’ve got two guys getting paid more than $3 million annually who think things aren’t that bad around here. Hmmm…

Harvin’s Ankle Not Serious

October 7, 2008

Good news everyone. Despite his boot cast on Sunday, Percy Harvin’s ankle injury is not serious. Even though the ball began to be distributed more evenly once he went out, and even though he still gimped his way to a touchdown reception, a healthy Percy Harvin is definitely something I’d like to see against LSU.

In other news, two more Gators got All-SEC honors for the week. Maurkice Pouncey was named Offensive Lineman of the Week and Jeff Demps was named Freshman of the Week. So far, Florida has a player gain all-conference honors in each of the wins this season.