Florida and LSU

October 11, 2008

This will be my last full post for a bit since I am traveling this weekend.

Florida and LSU seem like a somewhat unlikely pair for the assigned rivalry in the SEC rotation. Auburn would make more sense for the Gators, but AU has more history with Georgia. I imagine the conference wanted to pair up a couple of good schools who had some sort of history since Florida has no real ties to the Mississippi schools or Arkansas.

The Gators and Tigers first played in 1937, but Steve Spurrier went 11-1 against them and that prevented the series from being a real rivalry. There haven’t been too many real notable games since then, unless you count Florida being the only loss on LSU’s 2003 slate, and they haven’t even played in the SEC title game.

I kind of like it that way, actually. I love the big, fierce environments like what Florida has against Tennessee, Georgia, and FSU, but it’s nice to have a regularly played big game that’s not an out-and-out hate fest. There is some respect there between these two teams and fanbases, and they churn out great games on a consistent basis.

The 2006 game was a classic for a number of reasons, including the unveiling of the jump pass and JaMarcus Russell’s fumbles. Last season was an incredible game from start to finish, even if the wrong team won.

Here’s to a great Florida-LSU game. It almost certainly will be another fantastic game, and there probably won’t be any fights except between the impossibly hammered. Let’s go.