Didn’t See That One Coming

Of all the possibilities for the LSU game, I did not consider a blowout. I thought the teams’ weaknesses overall evened themselves out and that there was no way the final margin would be larger than two scores. It’s not that I pondered it and then dismissed it; the though never entered my mind.

The 51-21 final score is an excellent example of why I don’t gamble. Something I in no way expected happened. Don’t get me wrong; I am more than happy to be wrong. In fact, I am elated to be wrong. When people are drawing comparisons between the way the Gators beat someone to how they beat people in 1996, that’s a good thing.

Because of my weekend schedule, I was only able to see most of the fourth quarter and some highlights. I probably won’t get to see the whole game until Tuesday, and that’s fine. This is a bye week, so without a game on Saturday to prep for it gives me something to do.

There will be no analysis right now, and it’s appropriate for what happened. It’s time to enjoy such a big win, not dissect it to death. For the first time against a great opponent since the ’07 Tennessee game (and depending on how you define “great,” the first time since the national title game) it was Godzilla versus Duck Hunt out there.

Hint: we’re not the ducks.

I’d love to give you the ten reasons why this game was different than the past few, or do a rundown of how the play calling has changed over the course of the season. I can’t. What I can tell you is that it’s great to be a Florida Gator, and there’s no better way to go into a bye week than destroying a top-five team.

Celebrate this one for now, Gators. We’ll figure out the rest of the season later.


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