Tuesday Morning Miscellany

Tim Tebow believes Colt McCoy is the front runner of the Heisman Trophy race. Not sure why this is news since everyone else on the planet does too. He’s the quarterback of the No. 1 team and he’s completing 81% of his passes.

Despite this not being “news” in most senses of the word, the AP decided to write an article longer than most game recaps about it. Go figure.

Brandon Spikes has been named a semifinalist for the Lombardi Award, given to the nation’s top lineman or linebacker. He’s definitely earned that in every game except one this season. For some reason he looked like he was running in sand all day against Arkansas, but he’s been a force in every other game.

I’m not sure when the cut from semifinalist to finalist is, but I don’t know if it’s a sure thing that he’ll be one of them. There are 12 guys on the current list, and it gets winnowed down to four in the finalist stage.

There are guys with more national hype than Spikes probably has on the list like Ohio State’s James Laurenaitis, USC’s Rey Maualuga, Ole MIss’ Michael Oher (a near-consensus top-5 pick in next year’s draft), USF’s George Selvie, and now, thanks to the past two weeks, Texas’ Brian Orakpo.

Meanwhile at Kentucky, the injuries are mounting. Perhaps their two best offensive players have fallen out in consecutive weeks, with Derrick Locke joining Dickie Lyons, Jr. in the “gone for the season” club. A couple of key defenders are hurting too.

With UK being borderline decent to begin with and now this, Florida shouldn’t have too much trouble Saturday. The Wildcats barely squeaked by Arkansas, for crying out loud. Still, they play some defense so don’t expect free-flowing offense from the Gators all game long.


One Response to Tuesday Morning Miscellany

  1. O-town Gator says:

    Even though Kentucky’s not a ranked team and had to fight back from a deficit last weekend at Arkansas, we can’t afford to take them – or for that matter ANY remaining team left on our schedule (with the exception of The Citadel) lightly. We’re still in the hunt for the SEC East title, and it’s ours to win or lose. Every game counts from here on out – not just to get to Atlanta, but to also move up in the BCS rankings and be in the right place at the right time..

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