A Nice Trend

There’s not a whole lot to say about the game today, other than it was really fun to watch. If you want to nitpick, you can talk about Tim Tebow throwing an interception and nearly one or two others, as well as him fumbling once and nearly fumbling another time.

But really, it was a 63-5 win. They had 42 points in the first half. Anything other than positives is nitpicking.

Here’s a nice trend I’ve noticed though:

I’m not naive enough to think that the trend will continue this weekend, but things on offense have clearly gone in the right direction. After all of the whining, hand wringing, and calls for Dan Mullen’s head, the Gator offense has kicked it into a whole new gear. It has been looking lately as we thought it would back when making preseason previews.

There will be plenty to discuss this week considering the opponent at the end and all, but not much of it will surround this game. Florida played at the top of its spectrum while Kentucky played at the bottom of its spectrum. I don’t think we really learned anything else yesterday.

In the meantime, feel free to re-read (or just read, if you missed it) my review of Georgia’s offense against South Carolina. It, along with the Bulldogs’ game against Alabama, provides the blueprints for playing well against Georgia.


One Response to A Nice Trend

  1. O-town Gator says:

    It’s nice to see our Gators playing with heart, passion and SWAGGER again; we need to keep this same intensity level going into the remainder of our SEC schedule AND into our final regular-season game against that school out west.

    Like you’ve asid before, Dave, the SEC is Florida’s to win and Florida’s to lose. They control their own destiny from here on out.

    I had a hunch that the Florida-georiga game would turn out o be the pivotal one as far as deciding who will represent the SEC East this december in Atlanta; I hope that Florida brings their “A” game to Jax and avenges last year’s loss.

    I’m sure there are those who would complain about Florida running up the score on Kentucky, and frankly I could care less. REAL Florida football is back!

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