SEC Power Poll Ballot, Week 9

1. Alabama

They flipped this season’s script against Tennessee, sleepwalking through the first half before turning it on in the second half. Still the default No. 1 until they lose.

2. Florida

They made this year’s Kentucky team look like the 1996 Kentucky team, and no one else has managed to do that so far.

3. Georgia

They one-upped the Gators by scoring 52 on LSU to Florida’s 51, but they let the Tigers put 38 up (mostly in garbage time), compared to the 21-that-shoulda-been-14 LSU got on UF. Not sure it matters much though.

4. LSU

They got hammered again, but who else are you going to put here?

5. South Carolina

The bye week treated the Gamecocks well, with their three other rivals for the third spot in the SEC East all losing.

6. Ole Miss

They narrowly got away from a very game Arkansas team. Nutt got his revenge, but the records of the teams kept this storyline pretty far under the radar over the weekend.

7. Vanderbilt

Please don’t do it Commodores. Don’t fall to 5-7 on the season. You were such a fun story earlier in the season, and you can be yet again.

8. Kentucky

The Wildcats aren’t an elite team by any stretch, but they aren’t 63-5 bad.

9. Arkansas

The Razorbacks have gotten increasingly more competitive as the season has gone along. That bodes well for the future.

10. Auburn

If it’s any consolation, people are now picking West Virginia to win the Big East. That means folks still think beating Auburn is worth something, considering WVU only narrowly beat Syracuse.

11. Tennessee

The end is near. The other shoe is hanging by a thread.

12. Mississippi State

For all the talk of the SEC being down, Croom’s Bulldogs are still the only team to have lost to a non-BCS team.


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