Wait, What? Tebow was Hurt?

Teams often take on the character of their head coaches, and few are as secretive with information as Urban Meyer is. That’s why this story is even partly not shocking.

“[Tim Tebow] tweaked [his knee] a little bit, but he’s never missed any time,” Meyer said Thursday, two days before the fifth-ranked Gators play No. 8 Georgia in Jacksonville. “Just sore. He never tells you anything. … The other day he told me, ‘Boy, my knee’s feeling really good.’ I said, ‘Your knee? What are you talking about?’ He’s fine. He’s 100 percent.”

That’s right; Tebow hyperextended his knee against Arkansas, got treatment for it, but never told the coaches. I’m sure it was one of those nagging injuries that goes away on its own anyway, but wow, not even telling the head guy?

Back around the Miami and especially Ole Miss games, there was a lot of speculation that Tebow was hurt because his play was not up to everyone’s expectations. Turns out he would sustain an injury, but it was right before Florida ripped off nine pristine quarters in a row. Go figure.


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