SEC Power Poll Ballot, Week 10

1. Florida

This is a power poll, not a resume poll, and I have a hard time saying that anyone is more powerful than Florida right now. Everything is working together seamlessly, and they are on a run of success that even Bama has yet to equal.

2. Alabama

The Tide keep on rolling, and in the big picture it probably doesn’t even matter if they lose to LSU this weekend. Just don’t tell that to all the Tiger fans who want Saban’s head on a platter.

3. Georgia

Their season is basically over because Florida will never lose to Vandy and South Carolina in the same season. All that’s left is collecting a few more wins and knocking off a random Big Ten team in a Sunshine State bowl game.

4. LSU

If the Tigers pull off Saban Bowl II, I will have a really tough time deciding whether to have them jump them over Georgia. At least until I go back and look at that box score from two weeks ago.

5. South Carolina

The Gamecocks are as solidly in fifth as any other team is solidly in its position. They have some momentum building and could easily give Florida some trouble in a couple weeks.

6. Ole Miss

The Rebels didn’t do it very gracefully, but they got the win and now look like a lock for a bowl. As a Gator fan, all I can say is keep on winning fellas.

7. Vanderbilt

Even though Vandy has given the Gators fits in Nashville over the years, it looks like the quest for a bowl will have to wait another week while Hurricane Florida goes through this week.

8. Kentucky

I think at this point we can give up on the idea of the Wildcats having a real offense. Nevertheless, they’re bowl eligible for the third straight year, so it’s time for some major props to Rich Brooks.

9. Arkansas

I thought the Razorbacks had no shot against Tulsa, but somehow they pulled out the win. Just imagine what will happen when Petrino gets some wide receivers for Ryan Mallet to throw to in the future.

10. Auburn

At this point, I don’t even know if a win over Alabama can save Tuberville. He sounded like a defeated man after the loss to his former employer.

11. Tennessee

Nothing personal, Phil. Just business.

12. Mississippi State

Sly Croom bought himself enough benefit of the doubt to make it through this one, but I think he goes back on the hot seat in 2009. He has to prove that his 2007 bowl wasn’t just a byproduct of the flukiest year in memory.


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