Tuesday Morning Gator Bites

Happy Veterans’ Day to all. Today was originally marked to honor the vets of the Great War (better known as World War I) but has become a day to honor all those who serve in the armed forces. If you know someone who is or has been in the service, tell them you appreciate it often, but especially today.

Tickets to the SEC Title Game are going to be difficult to get, but GatorZone has the info on getting them through the school. Chances are though that if you are getting them from UF, you probably know by now.

Pat Dooley of the Gainesville Sun thinks we are going to face Steve Spurrier’s best South Carolina team yet on Saturday. I think he may be right. Even if he doesn’t beat Florida, Spurrier can still beat the Ghost of Clemson Past and win a bowl to get to nine wins, the most of his tenure in Columbia.

They easily could have beaten Georgia at the beginning of the year if not for some late mental mistakes, and that would have put them in position for the Citrus Bowl. For now, they look like a lock for the Outback Bowl in Tampa.

Tim Tebow won SEC Offensive Player of the Week for his work against Vanderbilt. It took him long enough, but he has clearly rounded back into his dominant form from last season. The Orlando Sentinel‘s Jeremy Fowler reminds us that Tebow played through a bum ankle early and a hyperextended knee later, and he cites some quotes from Dan Mullen about how much pressure Tebow felt early in the year. Tebow’s loosening up is as much as anything a reason for the Gators’ renaissance this season.

It also continues the streak of Florida having someone named all-SEC after every win this season.


One Response to Tuesday Morning Gator Bites

  1. gamecock man says:

    Don’t tell the average South Carolina fan that Smelley is anything other than a serviceable backup. You might get shot.

    I agree with you, though.

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