A Couple Quick Notes

The 21-0 lead is nice, but it has nothing to do with the offense. I’m not sure if that is encouraging or discouraging, but the generosity of the rest of the team is preventing the South Carolina defense’s good play from mattering.

Also, Tim Tebow was not guilty of a horse collar tackle after the fumbled pitch to Rainey. I looked up some information on the rule change from the offseason, and I give you this:

Rogers Redding, NCAA football secretary-rules editor and coordinator of football officials for the Southeastern Conference, said the horse-collar ban may result in fewer back injuries.

“What we’re hearing from trainers and physicians is we’re getting some back injuries when the ball carrier is immediately snapped to the ground by being jerked quickly,” he said. “If the ball carrier is grabbed by the shoulder or jersey and just ridden to the ground over a couple of yards, that’s not going to be a foul.” (emphasis mine)

Tebow grabbed the shoulder and rode Norwood to the ground over several yards. That was a correct non-call.


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