SEC Power Poll Ballot, Week 13

1. Florida

I saw nothing against the Citadel that made me think they should move.

2. Alabama

After a nice week off, it’s time to break Auburn’s Iron Bowl streak in emphatic fashion. There’s no excuse for not doing so.

3. Georgia

Given the periodic defensive struggles for UGA in the second half of this season, I’d be scared to death of playing Georgia Tech if I was a Bulldog fan. What they did to Miami was sick.

4. Ole Miss

In four career meetings against Les Miles, Houston Nutt is 2-2 with 13 more points scored in those games. A win in the Egg Bowl likely clinches a Cotton Bowl berth.

5. LSU

I have the Tigers ahead of South Carolina only because of the head-to-head result.

6. South Carolina

If the Gamecocks beat Clemson, can we give them the ACC title? No one in that conference appears to want it, and they used to be in that league once upon a time.

7. Vanderbilt

You would think the Commodores would get up for a rivalry game, but they appeared to still be hung over from celebrating the bowl berth.

8. Kentucky

The six wins and bowl bid are nice, but the Wildcats haven’t yet beaten a team that currently has a winning record. None of them even have the chance to, with 5-6 being the best record of any they’ve beaten.

9. Auburn

The team that nearly beat Georgia had better show up. In fact, they better bring that team but make it even better, or else it will be an ugly Iron Bowl.

10. Tennessee

Where was that team we saw Saturday against Wyoming? Or for that matter, where was it in every other game of the season?

11. Mississippi State

I’ll give the Legion of Croom credit. They are still fighting.

12. Arkansas

That was a big step back, although Casey Dick’s little brother Nathan put up some nice numbers. So much for the bowl hopes.


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