SEC Power Poll Ballot, Final

1. Florida

As a Florida fan, I consider it an honor to be a participant in the biggest conference title game ever. It only gets better that it is against the SEC team with the richest history.

2. Alabama

Given everything I’ve seen, the Tide can actually play the “no respect” card with justification. They’re the only undefeated BCS conference team, yet few expect them to win Saturday.

3. Georgia

Even with the loss to GT, my general impression of Georgia is better than anyone else in the conference except the above two. That’s why they stay.

4. Ole Miss

Even though I have the Rebels behind Georgia, they are probably played better ball down the stretch.

5. LSU

6. South Carolina

7. Vanderbilt

All of these teams lost, so I have no good way of sorting them out. Therefore, I’m putting them in the same order as last week.

8. Tennessee

If they had just scheduled Middle Tennessee instead of UCLA out of conference, they’re probably sending Fulmer out with a bowl. That, or if they had beat Wyoming. One or the other.

9. Kentucky

I have a hard time rewarding them for cleaning up on cupcakes out of conference.

10. Auburn

The season is mercifully over, but will Tuberville survive? The Kiffin and Swinney hires seem to indicate a weak coaching market right now, so Auburn might be wise to wait one more year.

11. Arkansas

Now where was this Arkansas team last week? Consistency is something Petrino will need to work on in his second year.

12. Mississippi State

The loss to Ole Miss showed how much progress was made in Oxford during Orgeron’s losing years and how little was made during Croom’s losing years.


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