It’s Close, but Looking Good

The Coaches’ Poll has come out, and Florida is just a single point behind Oklahoma for No. 1. That doesn’t matter as much as the fact that Texas is just 73 points behind Florida.

What is notable is that four coaches switched their first-place votes from Alabama to Texas, keeping both the Gators and Sooners out of the top spot. This poll will become public so it’ll be interesting to see where those four have UF and OU and if they were trying to game the system.

Anyway, the Coaches’ Poll component of the BCS looks like this:

Oklahoma – .9718
Florida – .9711
Texas – .9232

We know that UF is #4 in Sagarin’s computer poll. I project the others this way, just eyeballing it off of last week and not in any way using the formulas:

Anderson/Hester: OU 1, UT 2, UF 3
Billingsley: OU 1, UF 2, Bama 3, UT 4
Colley: UT 1, OU 2, UF 3
Massey: OU 1, TTU 2, UT 3, UF 4
Wolfe: OU 1, UT 2, TTU 3, UF 4

If that is the case, the computer element looks like this:

Oklahoma: 1.000
Texas: 0.95
Florida 0.90

Now comes the Harris Poll. As we all know, Florida was No. 2 in it last week and should move to No. 1. If everyone in the Harris Poll voted UF #1, OU #2, and UT #3, then the Harris component could look like this:

Florida: 1.000
Oklahoma: 0.9600
Texas: 0.9200

If you take all those numbers I ran for each component, this is the final BCS standings:

Oklahoma: 0.9773
Florida: 0.9570
Texas: 0.9310

So we should be good.


A poster on the message board who seems to have high credibility as well as high Gator Boosters standing says the UAA has already called him about ordering tickets to the BCS title game in Miami. Usual grains of salt are required for any “inside info” coming from message boards, but this seems about a legit as they come.

The official announcement comes a little after 8:00 on Fox, though ESPN has a much longer bowl show at the same time and will be mirroring the information with much better analysts. Say what you want about ESPN’s guys, but the network does college football better than anyone else. For Fox, it’s nothing more than a hobby.


One Response to It’s Close, but Looking Good

  1. Crazy Joe says:

    GO GATORS!!! I hope the god awful people I have to put with on an every day in GA DIE AND LOSE! GO GATORS!!! GO GATORS!!! GO GATORS!!! Suck it state of GA. I hope MR is arrested for soliciting a prostitute like every other week.

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