Wednesday Gator Bites

The BCS is in theory something I should not complain about too much as a Gator fan, but I will anyway. This year needed a playoff, and on top of that it was one of the very few where eight teams would not be enough. You’d need to find a ninth spot for undefeated Boise State.

What is interesting this year is that it appears the BCS went with “best” over “most deserving.” Florida got a spot in the title game in 2006, and Ohio State and LSU got their spots last year by playing the “most deserving” card. This year, Oklahoma passed up Texas by better meeting the eyeball test.

It’s worth noting though that it took Oklahoma setting the record for points scored in a season with a game to go to make that happen. It’ll be interesting to see what is necessary to break ties next season.

The BCS Championship Game is something that not many people seem to be upset about. Stewart Mandel and Bruce Feldman are the latest, though easily not the first, to rank it as the most appealing bowl game. I can’t blame them, and I have yet to see anyone pick anything else.

Dan McCarney was linked to the New Mexico job earlier this week. Since the Lobos have hired Mike Locksley, that will not happen. I am selfishly glad because I think another season with McCarney would do wonders for the D-line, but he deserves another shot at having a head coaching job.

The Gators and Tim Tebow made the cover of SI this week. Go have a look for yourself.

The Heisman voting ends today, and the finalists will be announced on the 6 p.m. SportsCenter. For now it looks like Sam Bradford is the leader, with Tebow in second and Colt McCoy third. Or maybe it’s McCoy-Bradford-Tebow. Would you believe Tebow-Bradford-McCoy? Anyway, as with the national title game, it’s easy to make a case why any deserve it but hard to make the case that any don’t.

The website Stiff Arm Trophy is again tracking all publicly-known votes. It appears that it’s not the number of first place votes but the number of second place votes that will propel Bradford to taking home the statue. And no, I have not thought at any point this season after the first game that Tebow would realistically win another.

Fascinating though that Tebow’s argument last season, which was look at the stats and not the record, is entirely reversed this season. He’ll be a finalist, but I’ll be shocked if he wins it.


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