Bradford Wins the Heisman

As was almost universally expected, Sam Bradford has won the Heisman Trophy. Even though Tim Tebow didn’t win it, he definitely should get an assist. How many times did you hear the phrase, “but Bradford has a long uphill climb to win because he’s a sophomore”?

Yeah, I didn’t hear it either. Tim says you’re welcome, Sam.

Tebow got the most first place votes, but finished third overall thanks to the Bradford/McCoy combo pushing him to third on many ballots. Only 151 points separated first and third.

And for all the complaining about Graham Harrell not getting invited to the ceremony, he finished a distant fourth at over 1,300 points behind Tebow. If people had a problem with his not getting invited, they’ll have to take it up with the voters because the Heisman Trust made the right decision in not inviting him.

One other note – Michael Crabtree was fifth, Shonn Greene was sixth, and Pat White finished seventh, the last with just 19 points. That means Percy Harvin was no higher than eighth and was a complete non-factor again. He got some sporadic hype for the award at times this year, but it’s clear that he has no shot as long as Tebow at Florida with him.


2 Responses to Bradford Wins the Heisman

  1. Jams says:

    Harvin’s injuries didn’t help him, and he really didn’t have a season worth Heisman hype. I don’t know that it’s necessarily Tebow’s fault.

    Looks like the National Championship will be a battle between the Heisman Curse and the S.I. Jinx.

  2. year2 says:

    I honestly never thought Percy had a chance at it this year or last. And Crabtree finishing behind Harrell confirms the fact that if you have a Heisman-worthy QB and WR, the QB will get more votes.

    And I could be wrong, but I am fairly certain that the national title game is beyond the statute of limitations for the SI curse.

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