Loeffler is Your New QBs Coach

The rumors are true: Scott Loeffler is the new quarterbacks coach at UF.

Urban Meyer has gone outside his normal network to tab the former Detroit Lions and Michigan Wolverines QB coach. The popular theory is that he did it in order to keep Tim Tebow around another year since Loeffler had a great relationship with Tebow during his recruiting. Loeffler was enough to make Michigan one of his top schools despite Tebow not having any ties to the Mitten State and his not fitting Lloyd Carr’s offense at all.

I don’t buy the idea that this was the only reason. After all, Tebow has at most one year left (and that’s not guaranteed) and you don’t generally hire guys for a year and then cut them loose. He’s going to be grooming John Brantley and all the quarterbacks who will come after him.

So much for the idea that Kerwin Bell would become the new guy. I still think position coach is too far of a step down from head coach, even if Bell is a lower-division head coach.

And yes, it does make me a bit queasy to think of anyone connected with this year’s winless Lions joining the staff, but then again quarterback of the winless ’76 Bucs did all right for himself in Gainesville.


One Response to Loeffler is Your New QBs Coach

  1. O-town Gator says:

    Loeffler may have recently coached at Detroit with the Lions, but from what I’ve read he’s worked with guys like Chad Henne and Brian Griese at the college level – plus, he supposedly has some decent recruiting skills, and IMO Coach Meyer wouldn’t hire an assistant who hasn’t demonstrated a good ability to recruit in the past.

    If anything, I hope that perhaps this hire entices Tebow to stay on for his senior year.

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