National Champions

You don’t gotta win pretty, you just gotta win. National champions, twice in three years.

It’s like the 2008 team was magically transported to 2006 where they beat the Buckeyes like they did all season, and the 2006 team showed up tonight to win a tough, gritty, and close game.

Yes, Urban Meyer can win with his own players.

Yes, Percy Harvin is the best skill position player in the nation.

Yes, Tim Tebow was the best quarterback on the field tonight.

And yes, Florida is rightfully named national champions.


4 Responses to National Champions

  1. SC_Gator says:

    And yes, Gainesville is the true home of Title Town USA.

  2. peachy says:

    With the exception of a couple of drives, the defence was fantastic; I had figured if we held OU to around 30 it would be a good performance… 14 is just astounding. (And it’s a good thing the defence was so splendid, because giving up 30 probably wouldn’t have gotten the job done – OU’s offence failed to live up to expectations, but their defence and special teams exceeded them.)

  3. Tom says:

    YES YES YES!!!

  4. O-town Gator says:

    We’ve been cleansed of Zookism once and for all, we have the best damn coach in the country (Urban Meyer), and a bunch of really great kids who, led by Tim Tebow, became a band of brothers and won a National Championship.

    Who could ask for anything more?


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