Bad News for Heisman Haters

The Heisman Trophy is a big deal in college football. If it wasn’t, there wouldn’t be site after site on the internet dedicated to it and teams wouldn’t put signs up in their stadiums commemorating past winners.

A strain of fan does exist however that despises the award. It doesn’t exist very strongly in the Florida fan base thanks to Danny Wuerffel and Tim Tebow bringing it home in recent memory. Those fans that do hate it cite factors like that fact it’s a popularity contest, it is historically biased against positions other than quarterback and running back, and it generally is unfavorable to players who aren’t from glamor programs and conferences. There is a lot of truth in those criticisms.

Well for the first time in history, the top three Heisman vote getters are returning to school. We knew about Colt McCoy coming back for months, and Tebow announced his intentions over the weekend. Yesterday, Sam Bradford too said he will be back at school in 2009.

After a chaotic race in 2007 and one of the quietest races I can remember in 2008, we’re not going to be able to go 20 minutes without hearing the word “Heisman” next season. Every play from every week with these three will be dissected, and we’ll see people breathlessly fawn over “Heisman moments.” In other words, we’re going back to 2005 with Bush,Leinart, and Young duking it out only worse.

If you hate the Heisman, have your mute button handy all throughout 2009.


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