Four Gators Headed to the NFL Combine

ESPN SEC football blogger Chris Low has the list of all 54 SEC players invited to the NFL combine. Somewhat surprising to me was that only four Florida players were invited to come.

Granted the team was very young and automatic invitees Tim Tebow and Brandon Spikes chose to stay in school, but that number seems low. The four guys were:

Percy Harvin

Cornelius Ingram

Louis Murphy

Jason Watkins

The name that jumps out to me as missing is Phil Trautwein. As I understood it, he could have left and been drafted after the 2007 season despite missing it with an ACL injury. I know he had about four false starts in the national title game, but I figured he’d at least be invited to the combine.

It is awesome to see that Cornelius Ingram is going though. Gator fans certainly didn’t forget about him this season, but it’s good to know the scouts didn’t either.

Not getting a combine invite doesn’t mean a guy will be passed over entirely on draft day, but it does just about end a player’s chances of being taken early. I just figure this is a sign that Trautwein will be a late round choice. If he is good enough to play in the league, he’ll make it one way or another.


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