South Carolina Game to be on CBS

November 10, 2008

It has been announced that this Saturday’s Florida-South Carolina game will be the 3:30 CBS game. It is not surprising considering the other games that CBS reserved for telecast were Georgia-Auburn and Alabama-Mississippi State. UGA-AU will go to Raycom, while I would assume Bama-Miss St. will head over to some flavor of ESPN network.

It will be Steve Spurrier’s second trip back to Gainesville as the Gamecocks’ head coach, and Urban Meyer is calling it a rivalry game. I’m not sure why he calls it a rivalry, but I guess it comes from Spurrier’s presence and the fact he lost this game his first year. It’ll be interesting to see if he still calls it a rivalry after Steve heads to the golf course for good.

Either way, this is good for viewers but bad for those attending the game as they will have to sit through CBS’s soul devouring TV timeouts, the longest in the industry.


Haden Named Defensive Player of the Week

November 4, 2008

Joe Haden’s game-changing interception and near return for a touchdown earned him SEC Defensive Player of the Week honors. He also had 10 tackles and trails only Brandon Spikes in that category on the team.

The Gators have had someone named all-SEC every week they’ve won their game.

In other news, CBS will decide between South Carolina at Florida, Mississippi State at Alabama, or Georgia at Auburn to televise on November 15. In other words, the South Carolina game will almost certainly be the CBS game next week after the Gators make a brief jump over to ESPN2 this week.

Quote of the Night

September 27, 2008

“This is an old fashioned butt-kicking, and Georgia is supplying the butt.”

-Mike Patrick, before kickoff after Alabama went up 31-0 on Georgia

The Pac 1

September 27, 2008

Very clever Dawgs. Nice GameDay sign. I’ll give you this one.

James Honored by SEC Again

September 23, 2008

For the second time in three games, Brandon James is your SEC Special Teams Player of the Week. He also garnered the honor for his fine work against Hawai’i. Something tells me that this won’t be the last time he gets that title in 2008.

That also continues the Gators’ streak of having an individual get conference player of the week honors. Jermaine Cunningham was the Defensive Player of the Week after the Miami game. Hopefully, this week extends the streak and completes the trifecta with someone getting offensive player of the week. Ole Miss’ defense has not exactly been dominant so far, and it would go a long way to get people to quit complaining so much about the offense.

Also, the Arkansas game has been picked up by Raycom. As is custom, it will be at 12:30. The game is October 4 in Fayetteville and not in the Razorbacks’ occasional home in Little Rock.

Ole Miss Game to be on Raycom

September 16, 2008

Raycom has picked up the Florida-Ole Miss game. As always, that means it’s a 12:30 game with the Daves calling the action. Plan accordingly.

Corso Picks USC, More

September 13, 2008

Here it is:

The kiss of death, supposedly

The kiss of death, supposedly

I don’t think Lee Corso picking you is quite the harbinger of doom (the Curso?) it once was, but here you go. Lee once again goes with America’s vote (something he finally picked against, once) and takes the Trojans over the Buckeyes.

I’ve mostly been monitoring UAB-Tennessee and Nevada-Missouri. At the present, Tennessee has been decided lackluster. They have just 21-3 late in the third quarter, and that includes Eric Berry bailing out the defense by intercepting a pass in the end zone.

Nevada-Mizzou has been the most exciting thanks to a lot of offensive fireworks. The Wolfpack defense has been predictably hopeless, but their Pistol offense has worked fairly well. In the Pistol, the quarterback lines up in a short shotgun (because a pistol is shorter than a shotgun) which gives him the chance to survey the defense while still lining up the running back behind the quarterback like in a traditional offense.

Some other schools have been mixing in some Pistol. Florida used it against Miami, and Ohio State has already used it with Terrelle Pryor.

With USF beating Kansas and Maryland beating up on Cal right now, this could end up being redemption weekend for the much maligned conferences. Wisconsin winning at Fresno will help with the Big Ten’s case, but of course nothing would do more than Ohio State beating USC.

For the record, I’m thinking both Michigan (over Notre Dame) and Ohio State will win thanks much more to their defenses than their offenses. I learned nothing from USC’s blowout of Virginia (who is really, really bad), and I’m still concerned about their offensive line. We shall see.